Dak Ronoo

Jedi Knight CL 12


STR 13 (+1) HP: 89 Lightsaber: +17 Atk 2d8+9 Dam;
DEX 17 (+3) FP: 4
CON 11 (+0)
INT 12 (+1) Ref: 27
WIS 14 (+2) Fort: 24
CHA 11 (+0) Will: 26

Weapon Proficiency (Simple)
Force Sensitivity
Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber)
Weapon Focus (Lightsaber)
Skill Focus (Use the Force)
Acrobatic Strike
Battle Meditation

perception +8
Initiative +14
Use the Force +17
Acrobatics +14
Pilot +14

Force Powers
Battle Strike x 2
Force Slam
Force Thrust


One of Luke’s earlier recruits. Dak has worked tirelessly for the Jedi order. He bravely will jump into any situation regardless of how dire it may look. A good companion to have in any adventure.

Dak Ronoo

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