The ball seemed to slow down momentarily as it impacted with the wall, caving in on itself before the rubbery material began to reform and the ball regained most of it’s velocity as it rocketed back toward the opponent.

Handball is a simple sport that requires a court with a hard wall and a rubber ball. The goal of the game is to bounce the ball of the back wall and have it land in the play area so that your opponent can’t reach it before it bounces a number of times on the ground. Depending on the level or league of play, certain rules are different such as the number of times the ball can bounce on the ground while still considered to be in play.

Generally a set is played to the best of 9 though a set can end prematurely if one player has a 5-0 lead. This is often known as being “mynocked” in much of the Outer Rim and many other locations.

A student from the Outer Rim coming to the Jedi Praxeum in 11 ABY convinced one of the Masters to allow the student to put up boundaries for the court in the training area of the main Academy. The sport began to spread and is now a favorite pass time for the students. The instructors also like to use the sport to mix in Force Training, allowing the use of Force Powers during the game. These types of matches must be overseen by either an instructor or Master for normally using the Force for such mundane activities is highly discouraged.


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