System: Yavin
Planet: Yavin IV

Size: Medium Town
Population: approx. 1500; Mostly human.

Government: Elected: Mayor Hector

The small town of Denton started off as a refugee camp for Republic sympathizers who had no combat use but needed to flee from the Empire. It was located a couple hundred kilometers away from where the Jedi Praxeum would eventually be located and the environs were good for farming. The refugees made with what aid they were given and the town began to grow.

When the Republic reformed and decided to give aid to the fledgling Jedi Academy, the cliff next to the town was seen as an ideal location for a Communications Relay Station operated by Republic troops. The Republic soldiers and the citizens of the Denton don’t see eye to eye but they don’t need to interact often so there is not much turmoil from the military installation. It also helps that the Comm Relay gives some of it’s capable bandwidth to the town for access to the Holonet and internet on Yavin IV.

In approximately 11 ABY, a Silica deposit was found in a hill nearby Denton. A small mining population moved to the town to increase it’s size and commercial aspect. Now Denton is home to loggers, miners, farmers, and those who make a living supporting the workers.

In 13 ABY, Denton was attacked by an unknown (at the time) group compromised of soldiers with dark force users. Because of the actions of a small cadre of Jedi Students: Vis Borricon leading Khema Lolain, Kola Boreena and Lendrak Chin’gul, the town only suffered minor casualties and a couple fires that were able to be dealt with rapidly. The Comm Relay Station was rendered inoperable in the attack with all only two survivors, one being Corporal Jonsin.


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