Advanced Learning

STOP… Hammer Time!

This page is intended for those wishing to run an adventure or for rules/information outside of character (OOC).


Logs: adding information in some sort of narrative to the Adventure Log or significant and useful information to the wiki will garner the character Level x 25 EXP or a Force Point.

Character: creating a character page with stats, short background and picture is worth character level x 75 EXP.

DM Benefits: if you run a game with out your character present then your character can gain EXP equivalent to the EXP earned in the adventure and a Force Point for his character.

Food For All: if you bring snacks to the game you gain a Force Point that must be used during that session.

Nature: all characters should have a defining nature which is a single word that describes them. Example: Bryn’s nature is “Inquisitive” or Vis’s nature might be “Disciplined”. These words should help describe character action and some sort of benefit should occur if played properly (Extra Force Points?).

DM traits

  • A good DM brings the action to life with narration, acting, and dialogue
  • A good DM pulls no punches when it comes to challenging the players
  • A good DM builds problems and lets the players create solutions to them. (In other words, the DM avoids rigid, single-solution challenges.)
  • A good DM balances risks versus rewards
  • A good DM reacts to the players and allows their decisions to affect the world, alter an NPC’s course of action, or otherwise matter to the game

Advanced Learning

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