Tag: NPC


  • Melor Keeg

    Melor Keeg has made a living smuggling cargo and can be labelled a 'tramp freighter pilot' due to his wandering nature. Right now it serves him to have a steady income shipping cargo for the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4, and having the large Alliance air-field …

  • R5-L4 "Elfer"

    Elfer can be quote saying "silly organics" because he resents the name and insists upon being called "Arfive-El-for" and not simply Elfer. The little droid is very old and has been modified heavily throughout the years. Because of his reliability and …

  • Tzian Lang

    *Past* ??? *Present* Part of the fledgling class at the Jedi Praxeum, it was Tzian who noticed a ship come down on the other side of the hill outside of the compounds with out the flight deck picking it up.

  • Soonturk

    Soonturk is not your average Cerean. While methodical, careful, and frighteningly intelligent his calling is of a different sort : justice....and money. Soonturk failed out of the Cerean Academy of Sciences and joined a local military out of youthful …

  • Dak Ronoo

    One of Luke's earlier recruits. Dak has worked tirelessly for the Jedi order. He bravely will jump into any situation regardless of how dire it may look. A good companion to have in any adventure.

  • Kola Boreena

    Coming from tech sales family, she was recently brought to the Academy when the force potential was realized with in her. She has had trouble coming to terms with how she was raised and what the Jedi Code asks of her.

  • CK-9P

    *Tactics* Attempts to get close and sneak attack the most threatening opponent with dastardly strike. Uses dodge on most aggressive opponent. Feint and move and hide to gain combat advantage as much as possible to keep using dastardly strike and sneak …

  • Vujak

    Vujak is a ruthless thug of incredible proportions. He has been running with dark cultists as their enforcer and strongman. Because of his violent solutions to problems and his ruthless nature Vujak is wanted in several systems. Only the most hardened …

  • Maliss

    Maliss is an agent of a secretive dark cult. Her powers of deception and cunning have been invaluable. Despite her skills she is sought by the bounty hunter, Soonturk, but the resources available through the dark cult she works for keep her safe. She is …