Tag: Jedi


  • Bryn Orris

    *Origins* Born on the planet of Teleron V in the Outer Ring to parents who helped work at the local industrial center for starcraft engines and thrusters. Teleron V did not offer much besides working in a mine or at the production facilities. Growing …

  • Vis Borricon

    *VIS BORRICON* Vis was rescued at a young age by the traveling Jedi who began the New Jedi Academy. For the last several years he has be growing up and training in the ways of the force at the academy. As a senior Padawan at the Yavin 4 academcy Vis …

  • Dashell Rann

    Dashell was born on the Coruscant, to parents who were comfortably settled as merchants. Here, he learned to pilot shuttles and ships, but this life wasn't exciting enough for him, so at the age of 15, he ran away from home, disappearing into the …

  • Dak Ronoo

    One of Luke's earlier recruits. Dak has worked tirelessly for the Jedi order. He bravely will jump into any situation regardless of how dire it may look. A good companion to have in any adventure.

  • Kola Boreena

    Coming from tech sales family, she was recently brought to the Academy when the force potential was realized with in her. She has had trouble coming to terms with how she was raised and what the Jedi Code asks of her.

  • Maliss

    Maliss is an agent of a secretive dark cult. Her powers of deception and cunning have been invaluable. Despite her skills she is sought by the bounty hunter, Soonturk, but the resources available through the dark cult she works for keep her safe. She is …