Dragnite - Scheevan Crystal Coating

Dragnite is a green mineral coating available exclusively from Scheevan 7

weapon (melee)

Dragnite mineral coating is a heavily refined mineral that is found in the emerald-quartz of Scheevan 7 of the Scheevan system. The planet had been dubbed the “Emerald of the Alliance” when it was incorporated after the fall of the Empire because of it’s abundance of green minerals. The refined material known as ‘dragnite’ can be applied to any light-sabre crystal with a DC15 Mechanics check to give that crystal a green colored blade. While it doesn’t fully change the other appearances of the blade dragnite completely changes the color to green. How it came to be that light sabres found their way to Scheevan 7 is another matter.


Dragnite - Scheevan Crystal Coating

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