Banshee - Gymsnor-3 Light Freighter

Melor Keeg's Tramp Freighter


GYMSNOR-3 Light Freighter (modified)

INTI +0 REF 16/13 FORT 20
HP 200 DR30 SR20 THRES 78
SPEED 16sq / 5sq
SKILLS: Mechanics +6 / Perception +6 / Use Computer +6
CREW: 1 & 4 passengers
CARGO 90tons HYPEPDRIVE: x1/2 & x12
ATTACK: twin quad-laser cannons (*+*8) (*+*3 autofire) 5d10x2
SPECIAL: Detachable Cockpit

The Banshee is an old Gymsnor Class 3 light freighter. Originally designed to break into the light freighter market that ships like the YT-1300 had been dominating. Unfortunately, the design while creative and modular was fraught with design flaws and faulty parts. Most Gymsnor Class 3 freights are out of service or in military service because of their modular design allowing for a great deal of load-out customization. The Banshee has seen signficant modification and is an excellent craft with both improved defenses, improved armament, and improved drive systems. Melor Keeg has owned and operated the Banshee for more than 10 years and has many secret storage compartments. The Banshee’s secret is the detachable cockpit. Becasue of the modular design Melor Keeg has designed a cockpit detach device allowing both the sub-light drive and the cockpit to detach from the rest of the ship. In the right emergence this could be the difference in life or death. A DC 30 Mechanics check given sufficient time to look the ship over will reveal strange support structures and detach points along the bottom of the ship.

Banshee - Gymsnor-3 Light Freighter

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