Miralukan Force User Found On Primitive Planet


Miraluka – Jedi 3
Nature: Wild
Force Training: Unknown
Destiny: Discovery – Family Past
Age: 22
Dark Side Points:2(Starting based on number of dark side powers chosen at character creation to fit with theme of biography)

XP: ????

Stat Score Modifier
Str 11 0
Dex 11(-2 Race) 0
Con 15 +2
Int 15(+2 Race) +2
Wis 18 +4
Cha 16 +3
Combat Statistics Value
HP 51
FP 6
Fort 16(10 + 3 level + 1 class + 2 mod)
Ref 14(10 + 3 level + 1 class + 0 mod)
Will 18(10 + 3 level + 1 class + 4 mod)


  1. Lightsaber Pike: +3 Attack, 2d8 Damage, +1 Melee Range

  2. Quarterstaff: +3 Attack, 1d6

  3. All Temperature Cloak

  4. Credits: 0
Force Sensitivity(Class)
WP: Lightsaber(Class)
WP: Simple Weapons(Class)
Force Training(Race Conditional)
Force Training(1st Level)
Melee Defense(Class Bonus)
Improved Disarm(3rd Level)
Beast Trick
Telekinetic Savant
Endurance: 8
Knowledge – Life Science: 8
Perception: 10
Use The Force: 9

Zerrin was born to two human parents in a small primitive settlement on Katarr. Unbeknownst to his parents their bloodline had a small traces of Miralukan ancestry that had once again revealed themselves by bestowing the Miralukan traits onto their son. When they discovered that Zerrin was born without eyes they moved into the outlying mountains in an effort to hide Zerrin from the rest of the tribe who was extremely superstitious in nature.

While growing up the living force begin to manifest itself in Zerrin allowing him to see and manipulate the natural environment around him. Without any proper training though the force began to react in wild and unpredictable ways. His parents tried to help them best they could but they were ill-equipped to handle the growing powers of the force inside their son.

At the age of 16 tragedy struck Zerrin’s family. As they were out in the nearby woods a creature jumped out and attacked his family. Zerrin reacting out of instinct unleashed a fierce storm on the area. The resulting waves of energy killed the creature, but also killed his parents as well. Besought by grief Zerrin continued living in the mountains struggling to control the untamed forces inside him.

Zerrin was eventually found 5 years later by Mara Jade. During her time as the emperor’s hand she had heard rumors about various force sightings that the emperor occasionally had her hunt down to either find or eliminate. When moving to the Jedi Academy she eventually went out searching for these potential force users to help bring in.

She found Zerrin teetering on the edge of falling to the dark side. His grief and isolation had manifested itself in dark energies that in turn were being fed by the planet’s dark past. Taking him into her care she stayed with Zerrin for several months helping calm his inner emotions until he would be safe to travel again.

For the first time Zerrin had someone who could begin to help teach him some semblance of control over his emotions and power. Mara seeing that Zerrin had some training in the primitive form of a staff, decided that the typical lightsaber training would not be beneficial to Zerrin at this age. Instead she taught him the art of the Lightsaber Pike a weapon once favored by the Emperor’s shadow guard.

They eventually left to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin-4 where Zerrin would join the rest of the new apprentices to continue the rest of his training. Upon leaving the Planet’s surface Zerrin had a brief vision of himself returning back to this planet. Inside he felt that somewhere on this planet that he was leaving was the key to unlocking the secrets of his tragic past.


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