Wookie strongman and dark cult enforcer


WOOKIE Soldier 7

STR 20 DEX 14 CON 16 INT 10 WIS 12 CHA 13
HP 92 THRES 30 REF 23 FORT 25 WILL 21

SKILLS: Climb +13* / Initiative-Perception +10 / Endurance +12 /

TALENTS: Melee Smash,Stunning Strike, Devastating Attack

FEATS: Shake It Off, Improved Damage Threshold, Adv. Weapon Prof., Mighty Swing, Whirlwind Attack, Melee Defense, Dreadful Rage

EQUIPMENT: Vibro-Axe (master-crafted) / Cortosis Weave Cybernetics : 1/E : disengage an attaching lightsabre strike and take only 1/2 damage.

Vibro Axe = +13 2d10+10+(1/2 level)
w/mighty swing = +13 3d10+10+(1/2 level)
w/dreadful rage = +17 2d10+10+(1/2 level)
w/both = +17 3d10+10+(1/2 level)


Vujak is a ruthless thug of incredible proportions. He has been running with dark cultists as their enforcer and strongman. Because of his violent solutions to problems and his ruthless nature Vujak is wanted in several systems. Only the most hardened bounty hunters dare to pursue this bounty. After his defeat at the hands of two Jedi padawans on Scheevan 7 and then capture by the Cerean bounty hunter, Soonturk, he escaped imprisonment and had been partially rebuilt with cybernetics. The cultist technicians fitted Vujak with a Cortosis weave into hi cybernetic are. Vujak was defeated after a protracted melee between another pair of Jedi padawns on Yavin4 upon the main Praxeum ziggeraut. What has become of this villain is yet to be determined.

SPECIAL : if you use Vujack again it may be worth searching the KOTOR Book to add on some impants because he clearly has to be rebuilt if he is to survive that last whooping by Jedi. Maybe destroy his WIS or CHA by a few points and give him a visual upgrade?


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