Cerean Bounty Hunter, the Titus Pulo of Cereans....


Cerean Bounty Hunter (Scout3/Soldier5/Scoundrel3/BountyHunter5)CL16


Soonturk is not your average Cerean. While methodical, careful, and frighteningly intelligent his calling is of a different sort : justice….and money. Soonturk failed out of the Cerean Academy of Sciences and joined a local military out of youthful rebellion. After patrolling and getting into some scraps Soonturk began to realize it was not enough to be part of a martial organization but to personally enforce justice. Applying both his Cerean intellect and his natural size and athletic edge he made a competent local bounty hunter. With time and trials he has been honed into a sharp and dangerous edge. During the rebellion he hunted down imperial bounty hunters and has become relatively infamous if not feared out-right. Throughout his adventures Soonturk has been resourceful enough to make many contacts in many places. Any particular run-in with Soonturk could easily result in his making you a contact as well, everyone he has helped he likewise expects to get help from if need be. Despite being apparently cold-blooded Soonturk actually has a very well developed sense of justice and takes it as his duty to transcend the laws of civilized space so that he can deliver justice and only he can resist the corruption of character that the task creates. Soonturk could be anywhere in the galaxy at anytime…beware the Cerean shadow or be thankful he passed through.


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