R5-L4 "Elfer"

Praxeum owned R5 unit L4 or "Elfer" is a one-of-a-kind droid.


Droid lvl ?

INIT +3 DarkVision LowLight Vision Perception +6
HP 30 THRES 10 REF 15/11 FORT 10 WILL 10

SPEED: wheels 6, walking 4, flying 9

BAB: +3 (Melee +4 / Ranged +5)

SKILLS : Mechanics +15 / Use Computer +15 / Stealth +12 / Acrobatics +9

LANGUAGES: speech module installed with voice synthesizer (knows 1000 languages)

EQUIPMENT : saw blade 2d6 / electro-probe 1d8 ion / stun baton 2d6 / blast carbine 2d8 stun @ +6 / smoke grenades (4) / stun grenades (4)


Elfer can be quote saying “silly organics” because he resents the name and insists upon being called “Arfive-El-for” and not simply Elfer. The little droid is very old and has been modified heavily throughout the years. Because of his reliability and suite of tools and skills the droid is available to accompany Jedi on missions as well as assist the visiting space craft. Lately, Elfer has been under the employ of Melor at the behest of the quartermaster. Like some of the older R model astromech droids Elfer has displayed more than his stock programming would suggest. Elfer knows things and has been known to act ‘out-of-programming’ when situations become dire.

R5-L4 "Elfer"

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