Melor Keeg

Duros Tramp Freighter Pilot/Smuggler Currently working for the Praxeum


DUROS Scout 3/Scoundrel 3

HP 46 THRES 18 REF 22 FORT 18 WILL 19
SKILLS : Pilot +17* / Mechanics +11 / Stealth +12 / Survival +10 / Perception +10 / Deception +10 Initiative +12

TALENTS : Jury Rigger, Fringe Savant, Knack, Fool’s Luck

FEATS : Shake It Off, Point Blank Shot, Focus : Pilot, Rapid Shot, Careful Shot

EQUIPMENT : Blaster Pistol Heavy


Melor Keeg has made a living smuggling cargo and can be labelled a ‘tramp freighter pilot’ due to his wandering nature. Right now it serves him to have a steady income shipping cargo for the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4, and having the large Alliance air-field, droids, and tools necessary to modify and repair his ship, the “Banshee”. Melor was a rebel-Alliance sympathizer and ran many a cargo under the nose of the imperials in his time. Like most tramp freighter pilots he got into trouble with criminals as often as the law. At the moment his highly modified Gymsnor-3 light freighter the “Banshee” is being repaired on the edge of the air-field outside the Praxeum. Curious students are typically a welcomed distraction from the hours of repairs he puts in everyday. Students with any starship knowledge or experience could find themselves recruited to help run tests on the ship, go flying, or test out systems in or beyond orbit. Melor is without a proper crew and borrows droids from the Alliance air-field quartermaster on a daily basis. A fixture at his ship has been R5-L4, aka ELFER.

Melor Keeg

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