Goron Gorrob

Ithorian - Jedi Level 5


Nature: Diplomatic (sort of)
Force Training: Lightsaber combat
Destiny: Remove a sith lord from power

XP: 10400/15000
Damage threshold: 18

STR 16 (+3) HP: 61 Lightsaber: +9 Atk 2d8+7 Damage one-handed; +10 Damage two-handed;
DEX 13 (+1) FP: 7
CON 15 (+2) BAB: +5
INT 11 (+0) Ref: 17
WIS 14 (+2) Fort: 18
CHA 18 (+4) Will: 20

Weapon Proficiency (Simple)
Force Sensitivity
Force Training x 2
Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber)
Weapon Focus (Lightsaber) +1 bonus to attack roll
Skill Focus (Use the Force)

Weapon Specialization – (Lightsaber) +2 for melee damage with lightsabers
Deflect – make UtF check to negate ranged attack, -5 UtF penalty for each later check after the start of last turn.
Redirect shot

Deception +6
Gather Information +6
Initiative +8
Persuasion +6
Use the Force +16

Lightsaber: 2d8; 1kg; Energy/Slashing; Can be thrown;+9 Atk; 2d8 + 7 Damage one-handed; +10 Damage two-handed;

Force Powers
Battle Strike x 2
Energy Resistance
Negate Energy
Force Grip

Devastating Bellow: As a standard action make a special attack (1D20+Level) against Fort in a 6 square cone a succesful attack deals 4D6 damage and half damage on a miss. Each use moves -1 condition track. may add 1D6 for each -1 additional condition track.

Survival Instinct: An Ithorian may choose to reroll any Survival check, but the result of the reroll must be accepted even if it is worse.


While traveling with his mother on a diplomatic mission she was assassinated. A Jedi was able to keep Goron from also being murdered. Sensing the force in Goron he was taken to the Jedi Academy for training.

Goron Gorrob

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