Dorsk 81

Khommite: Fallen Undead? Jedi Knight


HP: 75
FP: 8
Damage Threshold 23
Ref: 24
Fort: 23
Will: 24
Initiative +12
Perception +12
Speed 6

STR 11
DEX 15
CON 12
INT 14
WIS 14
CHA 14

Unarmed: +11; 1d4 + 10
Lightsaber: +12; 2d8 + 10

Acrobatics +12
Deception +12
Stealth +12
Use the Force +17

Force Powers:
Rebuke x2
Force Thrust
Force Stun
Mind Trick
Negate Energy
Move Object


After saving the Jedi Praxeum from an attack of the imperial remnant led by Admiral Daala, Dorsk 81 was laid to rest in a grove within the Yavin Jungle. Unbeknownst to the Praxeum, Dorsk was resurrected from his grave by a disciple of Ragnos in an effort to bolster the strength of their cult. A group of advanced Jedi students have discovered this after a confrontation and only time will tell as to what will happen with Dorsk 81.

Dorsk 81

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