Dashell Rann

Jedi Padawan, lifted up from a life of crime.


Human – Scout 1/ Jedi 3
Nature: Protective
Force Training: Jedi Consular
Destiny: Unknown

XP: 9400

STR 8 (-1) HP: 41
DEX 17 (+3) FP: 5/7
CON 13 (+1) BAB: 3 (Total: 6)
INT 15 (+2) FORT: 16
WIS 14 (+2) REF: 19
CHA 18 (+4) WILL:18

Armor Proficiency(Light)
Weapon Proficiency(Simple,Pistols,Rifle)
Force Sensitivity (Human)
Weapon Finesse (1st)
Shake It Off (Scout 1)
Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber) (Jedi Multiclass)
Skill Training(Use the Force) (3rd)
Force Training (Bonus Jedi 1)

Long Strider – Move two extra squares
Adept Negotiator – Can use a Diplomacy check to make enemy with Int >3 move one step down the condition track
Force Persuasion – make UtF check for Diplomacy, count as trained in Diplomacy

Force Powers
Vital Transfer
Force Thrust

Endurance: +8
Initiative: +10
Mechanics: +9
Perception: +9
Pilot: +10
Stealth: +10
Survival: +9
Use Force: +11

Lightsaber (Shoto)
Blaster Pistol
Comm Link
All-Temp Cloak
Utility Belt (minus 1 glow rod)
Concealed Holster x2
Power Pack x4
Med Pac x1


Dashell was born on the Coruscant, to parents who were comfortably settled as merchants. Here, he learned to pilot shuttles and ships, but this life wasn’t exciting enough for him, so at the age of 15, he ran away from home, disappearing into the Coruscant underworld…

One year later he reemerged, having wrestled control of a small gang into his hands, using his natural charisma, an accurate blaster hand, and most importantly an uncanny intuition, as a smuggler, using his legitimate passenger shuttle pilot job to transport illegal goods all across Coruscant. While ferrying passengers (along with some less than legal blasters), an Ithorian Jedi Master named Fandomar on his shuttle discovered his connection to the Force and convinced him to return with him to the Jedi Praxeum.

Here, Dashell found peace of a sort, and dedicated his studies to emulating the Jedi Master who found him. Now known as a rather calm, diplomatic Padawan, he hopes to see the Jedi Council back in a role of peacekeepers for the galaxy.

Dashell Rann

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