Protocal Assassin Droid


4th Degree Medium Droid – Scoundrel 8

STR: 10 +0
DEX: 19 +4
CON: -
INT: 12 +1
WIS: 12 +1
CHA: 13 +1

BAB: +6
HP: 47
Fort: 18
Ref: 24, 25 with dodge
Will: 20

Acrobatics +13, Deception +10, Knowledge(Bureaucracy) +10, Mechanics +10, Use Computer +10, Stealth +13, Pilot +13

Weapon Proficiency(pistols), Weapon Proficiency(simple), Point Blank Shot, Weapon Proficiency(Starship), Weapon Proficiency(Advanced Melee), Weapon Finesse, Dodge, Acrobatic Strike, Running Attack, Skill Training(Stealth), Skill Training(Pilot)

Dastardly Strike: If you hit an enemy w/o Dex, it moves -1 down condition track.
Sneak Attack: If you hit enemy w/o Dex, deal an extra 1d6 damage; within 6 squares.
Spacehound: No penalty in low-grav/zero-grav. Proficient w/ starship weapons.
Starship Raider: +1 bonus on attacks while on starship or w/ starship weapons.

Walking + Magnetic Feet
Hand x2
Heuristic Processor
Fake Restraining Bolt (DC 30 Perception)
Vocabulator + Translator Unit
Locked Access
Improved Sensor Package + Darkvision (+2 Perception)
Self Destruct (2 squares, 4d6)

Hidden internal Vibroblade in right forearm
Hidden internal Blaster Pistol in left forearm

Vibroblade: +11 2d6+4 (+5 to hit after tumbling DC 15 Acrobatics)
Blaster Pistol: +11 3d6+4 (+1 hit and +1 damage within point blank range)
+1 attacks while on ships


Attempts to get close and sneak attack the most threatening opponent with dastardly strike. Uses dodge on most aggressive opponent. Feint and move and hide to gain combat advantage as much as possible to keep using dastardly strike and sneak attack. If an opponent seems weak too hard to hit because of cover/full defense, tumble + acrobatic strike + running attack (move away again).

If fight is going poorly, will attempt to move, hide and move to get away and repair himself later.


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