Bryn Orris

Helmsman turned Jedi


HumanSoldier 3 / Jedi 4 / Jedi Knight 1
Nature: Inquisitive
Force Training: Guardian / Jensaari Defender
Destiny: (Rescue – Ancient Jedi artifact: COMPLETED)

XP: 12025/15000

STR 16 (+3) HP: – Attuned Lightsaber: +12 Atk 2d8+7 Dam; +10 Dam two-handed;
DEX 16 (+3) FP: – MW Heavy Blaster Pistol +1: +12 Atk 3d8+5 Dam
CON 16 (+3) BAB: +8 Unarmed: +11 Atk 1d6+7 Dam
INT 12 (+1) Ref: 23/27 Dual Strike: +10 / +10 (MW Pistol/Attuned Lightsabers)
WIS 16 (+3) Fort: 23/25
CHA 12 (+1) Will: 23

Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium)
Weapon Proficiency (Pistols, Rifles, Simple)
Force Sensitivity *human
Dual Weapon Mastery I *1st
Quick Draw *soldier bonus 2
Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber) *jedi multiclass
Skill Training (Use the Force) *3rd
Martial Arts I *bonus jedi 2
Force Training *6th
Dual Weapon Mastery II *bonus jedi 4

Armored Defense – take better of level or equipment bonus from armor
Deflect – make UtF check to negate ranged attack, -5 UtF penalty for each later check
Improved Armored Defense – take better of armor or level plus 1/2 armor equipment bonus
Block – make UtF check to negate melee attack, -5 UtF penalty for each later check
Attuned Armor – Spend a FP to attune a set of armor, gain +2 Armor Ref and +1 Armor Max Dex

Initiative +12
Perception +12
Pilot +12
Use Computer +10
Use the Force +11

Lightsaber (yellow): 2d8; 1kg; Energy/Slashing; Can be thrown; Bondar Crystal (Stun)
Lightsaber (green): 2d8; 1kg; Energy/Slashing; Can be thrown;
Master Work Blaster Pistol, Heavy +1: 3d8; 1.3kg; Energy; Stun; Single; 50 shots
Attuned Advanced Light Armor: +8 Ref, +2 Fort, +4 Max Dex; 10kg
Medpac x0
Smoke Grenade x1

Stored Equipment
Combat Jumpsuit: +4 Ref; +0 Fort; +4 Max Dex; 8kg
Blaster Pistol, Heavy: 3d8; 1.3kg; Energy; Stun; Single; 50 shots

Coruska w/ Sheevan coating
Solari w/ Sheevan coating
Hurikayne w/ Sheevan coating



Born on the planet of Teleron V in the Outer Ring to parents who helped work at the local industrial center for starcraft engines and thrusters. Teleron V did not offer much besides working in a mine or at the production facilities. Growing up with little to do, Bryn spent his spare time learning to navigate the holonet and make small programs on computers.

With the fall of the Empire and Bryn coming of age he instead decided to join the local planetary defense force. After basic training he was assigned to operate on a gunboat as a Helmsman using his experience with computers to act as navigator and sensor operator. Being a non-commissioned officer, he trained with boarding teams in case of the need to search non-responsive ships.

His training came to reality when a supposed freighter ship came into system and would not respond to hails. Upon boarding it was a surprise attack from bandits and a close quarter battle broke out. Bryn was slightly prepared for it as he had a feeling that the boarding mission was going to be dangerous (Force Sensitivity) and had both his saber and pistol at hand.

After two years of working on the gunboat and repelling bandit raids, a brief visit from a Jedi Master Ortik Va’el (Cerean) found Bryn being recruited by the Jedi Academy. Bryn spent the next year traveling with Master Ortik around systems in the Outer Rim searching for other force sensitive beings. During this time Bryn was introduced to combat with a lightsaber and how to fully use the Force.

Now Bryn as been dropped off at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 for full training and learning about what his future holds.

Early Training
Withing a couple weeks of being on Yavin 4 for training, Bryn became fast friends with one other student in the Advanced class named Vis Borricon. Together they trained and learned what it meant to truely be a Jedi. When they tagged along with Master Darven Tell to the planet of Sheevan 7 and barely survived an encounter with a cult of dark force users ( A Simple Task Unsimplified, Into the Dust, Out of the Green ) Bryn found that there was much more at stack in training at the Praxeum then just his reputation as a force user. Now with over 6 months of training and work under his belt he is barely ready to tap into this innate power within him as the cult of Ragnos reveal themselves and their plan to wipe the Jedi from the galaxy.

Bryn Orris

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