New Jedi Academy

Wild Child

Summoned by Master Verock he expressed his concern over the welfare of an intermediate padawan, Kola Boreena. Enlisting Vis’s aid the senior padawan student sought his younger peer only to find she has disappeared! Searching and asking about he was lead out to the air-field finding scraps of Kola’s robes in the bushes. Searching his feelings Vis stretched out with the force and deftly pinpointed the younger padawan out into the jungle but his force probe was mysteriously hampered. Worried over the fate of the troubled student he called Bryn for backup and rushed into the jungle. Finding Kola was no trouble but she was being attacked by a strangely mutated Sintaril. The source of the strange force disturbance may have been the Black Obelisk that Vis found Kola at but it is yet uncertain. The enlarged beast vicious attacked the junior padawan and before perishing let out a deafening screech summoning more of it’s kind. Fortunately, Bryn arrive just in time to fight the beasts off with Vis and they safely returned Kola to the praxeum. Vis had also given Bryn one of the strange Sintaril corpses to take to the research wing for investigation. Vis tried to counsel the younger student about her difficulties conforming to the jedi code and life-style. Later, after she had returned and apologizes to Master Verock about her deception Vis took her to the top of the South Hill for a training duel to test her commitment to the first tenant of the jedi code : There is no Emotion, there is peace. Kola seemed to overcome her anger and frustration and focus on the duel, perhaps she does have what it takes to become a true jedi.



AKBanse RedWinter

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