New Jedi Academy

The Assault of Denton

As per their suspicions have demanded many of the masters have left Yavin4 to destroy the ever present evil force users threatening the Praxeum. Master Verock has requested Vis Borricon and a cadre of intermediate students travel to the village-town of Denton and inform the town as well as communications relay of the growing and possibly imminent threat of assault on Yavin 4. While the communication relay is of minor significance it still represents a security asset and demands extra attention. Vis and the younger students traveled via speeder-shuttle with an Republic pilot. Upon arriving they checked in with the local Republic Captain at the rely and had tried unsuccessfully to warn the major enough to take action and protect the town. In the middle of eating a light freighter landed in town and squads of soldiers disembarked with blasters and grenades. Some traveled up the hill towards the comm relay while others began to destroy the town with fire-bombs. Racing to action Vis and the young students met an evil force user and dispatched him readily. Unfortunately, there were lots of heavily armed and armored soldiers laying down fire in their direction. In the midst of fighting Vis turned to engaged two additional force users backed up by a full squad of soldiers. In the melee the young Padawan Lendrock fell in combat against the Shadow Student but Kena and Kola fought on. The evil force user summoned a dark rage of immense proportions and pounded at Vis with hammering lightsabre blows. Vis countered most the swings but suffered a couple demanding lightsabre slashes. In the midst of their duel Vis picked up a truck a soldier was using for a heavy weapon’s brace and crushed a whole squad of soldiers. Kola engaged the Shadow Student valiantly but eventually fell. At the last moment Vis summoned a protective force shield and and turned aside an incredibly defect and massive assault by the raging evil force user. Vis struck back with a talented blow that split the evil student in half. In the melee Kena had also fallen. Seizing the moment Vis charged and dispatched the heavy weapons soldier only to turn face additional soldiers blasting in his direction. In a desperate sprint Vis took every step in what seemed to be slow motion, the force guiding every step, arriving in the soldier’s faces unscathed and dispatched them. The shadow student fled in fear and ran into the mysterious ship. Turning back to save his young charges more soldiers returned to the ship…leaving a now smoldering communications relay station. After reviving those he could Vis turned a determined effort towards this ship. Communing carefully and skillfully with the force he picked the ship into the air and with a telekinetic pull thrashed it into the ground. Unfortunately, even a light freighter is a colossus and can take more than a single bash to become disabled. The freighter then escaped into the air leaving Vis and his students to save what was left of the town and the few survivors of the burnt out comm station.

Cic commstation


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