New Jedi Academy

Praxeum Attacked!



WHERE : Yavin System
LOCATION : Yavin 4 Jedi Praxeum
WHO : Forces Unknown
Forces Unknown have attacked the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4! What does this spell for the fate of the Republic? Citizens want to know. While there has been a great deal of success in the Republic’s efforts to help the Jedi order rebuild the possibility has been continually threatened. Are the Jedi capable of existing on there own or are the threats to their power too great. The Republic has relied in the Jedi for counsel and defense for thousands of years but has the Republic been committing too many of it’s scarce resources to resurrecting this ancient order? With the Republic’s rise to power from of the fall of Imperial tyranny can it truly afford to support the Jedi order…well that is what Senator Ramadal is going to propose at the next Senatorial committee on defense spending. With Republic coffers still weak as the Republic lends to Imperial separatists and funds resistance movements the relevance of the Jedi order will be called into question. Headline News and our affiliates extend our condolences to the innocent people that have fallen victim to yet another assault on Yavin 4 because of the dangerous situation the Praxeum has put more people in. Praxeum Jedi Master Ortik’Vael will be meeting with Senators in a week to discuss the situation.

- Headline News – Coruscant -

Jedi Master Verock
In response to our efforts to get an interview :

“The Jedi order does not pose a threat to the Galaxy but defends it against the those that would plunge it into darkness or harm innocent people.”

Verock kel dor aa

Jedi Knight Korfin
In response to the recent attack on Yavin 4 :

“The devastation unleashed by the evil cultists on the Praxeum is nigh-on apocalyptic!”

Praxeum battlesm

Jedi Praxeum Recruitment Paraphernalia
Interviews with residents on Yavin 4 :

“Are we really safer with the danger that those Jedi present…?” – unknown attack witness



Gurvven Rivi : Tremmend System Resident
“Having the Jedi near-by has been too dangerous, my family is leaving to the core worlds!”

Praxeum Attacked!

HEENUS KIFFERING : Tremmend System Teamster
“I run a small business in the rim and the continuous devastation surrounding Yavin is driving me out of business!”

Praxeum Attacked!

LENX : Yavin 4 Republic Marine
“The Jedi order work for the good of the whole Galaxy, have some respect you [EXPLETIVE DELETED] shrews…”

Praxeum Attacked!
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