New Jedi Academy

Out of the Green

Confronting the darkness

Driving into the town of Hara Barkur, Bryn Orris and Vis Borricon see the darkness that has consumed the town. The entrance had bodies of different races speared up with bones crumbling into the green sands of Sheevan 7. The feeling of evil permeated the town as the vehicle crept forward into it until a large shock woke Bryn out of his curious stupor. A land mine had gone off underneath the vehicle knocking out the vehicle but leaving the young Jedi out of harm. Within moments the scorching marks of a repeating blaster rifle started blistering the side of the vehicle.

Bryn and Vis jumped from the vehicle and began battling their way to the center of the town. The winds began to whip up even more as they neared town to a scene which shook them to their core. They saw Master Tell tied up at the top of a I-beam, his eyes nearly popping from his head as a green crystal floated in front of him which his gaze never left and his eyes never blinked. A group of people chanting around the I-beam wearing light armor and bones were in the middle of some type of ritual while the sand whipped around them. Their leader, wearing a skull mask, ordered his followers to stop the intruders but as Vis and Bryn fought their way forward they faced off against this leader. Vis and Bryn fought bravely and the force was strong in them as they handily defeated these cultists and freed Master Tell.

Sheevan sith


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