New Jedi Academy

Mission to Mustafar

Time is short to stop the Sith

DATE: 9-1 13 ABY

Bryn Orriswas helping with some operational equipment repair after the recent attacks on the Praxeum and waiting, waiting for answers. Too many questions had arisen with the attack that occurred so recently. What was the cauldron that Dashell Rann, Kal-Do and Zes-Set talked about that was on top of the main ziggurat when they had to face off against the vile Vujak? From what Bryn had heard, after their encounter and saving the younger students both Vujak and the cauldron were not seen again. What was Maliss doing at an unknown dig site with the light freighter Gamora? What was the Kadist Blood Chalice of Ragnos? The computer at the dig site indicated that it was some old Holocron, but what secrets did it hold that pushed an army of warriors and dark side users to attack the Praxeum?

There were too many questions and answers were not going to come easily, but still Bryn wanted to know. As he was caught in his train of thought Bryn barley noticed his comm link signalling that he had an incoming call. It wasn’t until the fourth beep that he snapped out of his own thoughts and answered the call. It was Master Verock and Bryn needed to meet with him immediately at the docking bay. Bryn logged out of the console he was working from and jogged down to the docking bay, passing numerous soldiers and technicians working on repairing the ziggurat and talking of the massive attack against the Praxeum.

Arriving at the docking bay, Bryn saw Master Verock, Kyle Katarn and a large group of New Republic soldiers along with a handful of other Jedi Knights and even other students. He recognized Axel from a distance who was a very good duelist and in Bryn’s advanced class of students. Approaching the group Master Verock broke off from them and met Bryn a few meters away. “Bryn, I am glad you made it. We have a mission that is of up most importance and I think we can use some of your past to help us. We have need of planetary customs protocol and since you have a past working on a patrol ship that is information we need. I won’t lie to you, this mission is highly dangerous but it is necessary if we are to stop the Sith from what they might be trying to do.” Bryn looked confused, glancing once more at the large group of soldiers and force users near by who were all talking with each other. “How long do I have?” Bryn replied as he now realized he was not prepared at all for what might lay ahead. Master Verock responded, “You have an hour to get ready, we will be using Melor Keegs ship the Banshee with its retrofitted transponder code."

Commando squad

Bryn ran to his room to gather his thoughts and possessions. While packing up his black advanced combat suit and blaster pistol he started wondering where they might be heading to and what it is they were after. It wouldn’t be long before all was made clear. Meeting back at the Banshee Bryn boarded up with the remaining soldiers and Jedi. As the ship took off and broke into orbit Kyle Katarn introduced Capatain Nathal of the New Republic as the head of the mission. Capatain Nathal told all the members present that they were heading to Mustafar, a volcanic world where an item called the Dihexic Engine resided under control of a dark force cult. There would be four teams that would each have a task to accomplish once they landed.

Alpha Squad was lead by Kharuugon, a large man who comes from the Jensaarai and wore a matte golden full armor and having amazing defense with his lightsaber. Kyle Katarn was leading Beta Squad and along with Alpha squad were going to land and search for the Dihexic Engine. Gamma Squad was going to be led by Captain Nathal himself. His task was to knock out ground based ion cannons so that a Mon Cal Cruiser can jump into the system once the Banshee had landed and engage an Imperial Star Destroyer. Lastly was Delta Squad which was to be led by Bryn himself. Their task was to knock out the communications tower so that the ground forces couldn’t link with the orbital battle that would ensue.

Other than Kharuugon and Katarn, there were four Jedi Knights: Mas Ultu, Fikirg Grundleer, Heprud Mongrod, and Zeigfus Anaklaus Hoogle. The students were Bryn, Mulrad, an advanced class telekinetic, Celeran Vard, an advanced class physical user, Axel, a human lightsaber duelist with a reputation, and lastly Camustoolan, a slightly younger healer.

During the 10 day journey Bryn spent a lot of time getting to know Delta Squad and going over what information they could get about there mission on Mustafar. Bryn also got to meet with Kharuugon who he found to be very intriguing. Not a Jedi, the Jensaarai walk a grey path between light and dark for they say that understanding the dark side is the next step unto watching out for it and being able to defeat it. They not only personalize their lightsaber like the Jedi do but all learn to personalize a set of armor which they also learn to attune to themselves. Kharuugon told me the ways of the Jensaarai and helped Bryn train on his lightsaber defenses. He also trained Bryn in the Dragon Exercise which is performed in full armor and lets the user become as comfortable in their armor as they would in a set of cloths and there for are able to sleep in their armor.

Jensaarai tof g

DATE: 9-11 13 ABY
PLANET: Mustafar

Landing on Mustafar, all the squads broke off to engage in their own tasks. A very short time after leaving the hanger area a hover truck with a squad of soldiers spotted Delta Squad and pulled up to open fire, it was at this point that Bryn truly began to appreciate the abilities of Delta Squad. In the matter of 12 seconds all the enemy soldiers lay dead or disabled and Delta Squad and secured the vehicle for use. Bryn took the drivers seat and started heading towards the most direct path to the communications tower when a steady beeping alarm began to go off in the whole facility and red lights flashed slowly with the alarm. Bryn changed plans and began to floor the vehicle down a warehouse lane filled with moving crates. As they barreled down the lane they came around a corner to see another squad of soldiers blocking off the path, Bryn gave a simple order to Delta Squad to clear a path and in a few heartbeats enough blaster power to drop a tank ripped through the enemy unit. A few opposing blaster bolts knocked out the window of the vehicle but none of the squad had been touched. Continuing down towards the end of the lane another vehicle was stopped up ahead with a squad noticing the approaching Delta Squad. Bryn tried to increase the speed and ram the opposing hover truck but had to slow to take a turn around some crates and the impact was less than spectacular as he bumped into the enemies and rolled back. Thankfully Delta Squad acted fast and laid down enough fire to clear the path to the communications tower.

Communications tower

Approaching the tower Byrn noticed something on the ground right before the lane he was in entered the park that encircled the tower. It looked to be an anti vehicle stop so Bryn backed the vehicle up to it and ordered Delta Squad out to beat feet the rest of the way to the tower. A group of enemies were on top of the tower and began to rain fire down at the moving Delta Squad with an E-Web Blaster. Bryn ordered Delta Squad to do alternating covering fire and moved part of the group up while having a couple of the group hang back to take shots at the enemies. Delta Squad reached the base of the tower with minimal injury and added three more dead enemies to their list. Bryn had Thepus and Nadalulan set up satchel charges to the door and a loud detonation almost blew the doors cleanly apart, Bryn used his lightsaber to finish the job and entered the tower through the twisted pieces of metal which were left from the doors.

A small firefight broke out in the base of the tower against its defenders as Bryn pushed Delta Squad forward. Over his communications device Bryn heard a call coming in, “Bryn… This is Capta… Nathal. What is the…atus of the Comm tower.” Bryn replied his situation and knew that he needed to hurry. Breaking the team up, he left Mayythoosul and Thepus to clear the second floor while Teppa and Nadalulan cleared the third. Bryn took Nayday and Gippi up to the top to take care of the main antennas. It only took half a minute but with the firepower the small group had they were able to destroy a majority of the large equipment on top of the communications tower, completing their task. Bryn radioed back to Captain Nathal to inform him that the tower was down but got no reply, he then radioed back to the two other pairs from Delta Squad and still got no reply. Concern swept over Bryn but as he turned to take Naydau and Gippi back down the tower he was charged by an enemy.

Blackguard swgtcg ao d

The battle was fast and brutal, the Sith charged at Bryn who was barely able to block the attack while the Sith’s two soldier body guards came up behind and flanked the Sith. Naydau and Gippi opened fire with their heavy blaster rifles and dropped the enemy soldiers as Bryn began to slash with his lightsaber and blast with his heavy blaster pistol at the dark Force user. Bryn ordered his two remaining Delta Squad members to check on the rest of the squad and to report back if they run into trouble. The Sith enemy entered into a dark rage, the dark side of the Force flowing through him as he kept slamming into Bryn with his dark red lightsaber. Bryn took a brutal slash across his armor but was able to sneak his heavy blaster pistol past the enemies defense to finish him off.

Rushing down the stairs Bryn ordered a status report from Delta Squad and heard that Gippi was under heavy fire from more soldiers. Bryn found the remains of a giant firefight over the forth and third level with numerous enemy soldiers lay dead while Gippi was barely standing and Mayythoosul was seriously hurt. Nadalulan lay dead and Bryn helped Gippi dispatch the last of the enemies in the room. Gippi hurried over and started helping Mayythoosul as Bryn asked for a quick medpac heal and told Gippi to do what he can and meet Bryn at the bottom of the tower. As Bryn passed the second floor he saw the bodies of Teppa and Thepus laying there and called back to Gippi to check on them when he can. Bryn heard a call from outside the tower… JEEEDDDIIIIII. Bryn caught his breath and exited the building to see what challenge laid before him next.

Walking across the park was a pale skinned humanoid with red hair pulled back into a top knot. The Sith yelled at Bryn, “I am Azrakel the Dark Warrior and you shall die like many other Jedi have died by my hand!” Bryn prepared to engage the warrior unsure about how this battle would go when something caught his eye, a cube hanging from the warriors waste… The Dihexic Engine! Bryn drew out his lightsaver and pistol and prepared as the warrior lit a double red lightsaber and charged. The fight was fast but brutal, Bryn was able to block the initial attacks from the charge and used his lightsaber to keep the warrior off balanced as he scored shots with his pistol. A mighty slash came across Bryn’s armor cutting deep and forcing Bryn back as the smell of burnt metals and composites rose to Bryn’s nose. Bryn was able to score another shot but the warrior came at him relentlessly, forcing Bryn to the ground slashing constantly against his lightsaber. As Bryn pushed back in futility watching the warrior’s red blade descend towards his neck he knew that this could possibly be his last sight. With a simple breath and a calming of his emotions Byrn let the Force flow through him and he looked up to the warrior’s face grunting, “I am not going to die today!” Bryn gave a heave and threw the warrior off him while spinning up off the ground to follow through with a slash and blast that left the warrior on the ground, motionless. Grabbing the Jedi artifact Bryn gathered himself back up and limped back through the doors of the communications tower.

Azrakel jatm

Bryn called for Delta Squad to move out and was disheartened to find that only Gippi, Mayythoosul and Thepus remained. They loaded up into the vehicle again and took the most direct way back to the shuttle port. As they were approaching the entrance to their docking bay, Bryn noticed a duel going on up ahead with Kharuugon who was evenly matched with another dark Force user. Bryn dropped off what remained of Delta Squad to assist the ship which was under assault as Bryn took off down towards Kharuugon. Kharuugon and the Sith were battle up on scaffolding over the lava of the planet below them as Bryn turned the hover truck around yelling for Kharuugon to come with him. Kharuugon responded that they still had not found the Dihexic Engine and that he has not heard from Captain Nathal or Katarn as he parried attacks from the Sith. Bryn realized there was not much he could do to help Kharuugon, so he shouted that he had the Engine and was about to drive back to the docking bay when the Sith lifted the truck into the air and smashed it into the ground leaving Bryn battered and bruised in an upside down hover truck.

Getting out of the wreckage, Bryn felt a healing Force move into him as Kharuugon shouted down “Mekthar!” An instance latter Kharuugon went plummeting down towards the lava as the Sith stood victorious and slowly turned towards Bryn before revealing a large lightsaber sticking from his chest and falling over backwards. Bryn saw another enemy soldier and Force user with red lightsaber drawn run up some nearby stairs farther down the road. It was time for Bryn to make a choice and he chose to help Kharuugon. Moving back to the downed vehicle for cover he took a well placed shot and blasted the soldier in the chest dropping the enemy to the ground. In response the Force user charged at Bryn slicing deep into the vehicle but missing Bryn entirely. Bryn connected with a slash from his lightsaber throwing the enemy off balance and open to a finishing shot from his heavy blaster pistol. Running to the edge of the road way Bryn saw Kharuugon slowly crawling towards the edge using only one arm. Kharuugon yelled for Bryn to get to the ship and leave but instead Bryn dropped down some synthetic rope and hauled Kharuugon up over the edge of the brim and got him standing. Bryn told Kharuugon to hurry back to the hanger as he started running to check on Delta Squad.

Moving into position with Delta Squad Bryn helped them push back to the Banshee and then gave them orders to cover Kharuugon and give medical attention as Bryn filled in Captain Nathal on the situation. No one had heard from Katarn and more enemies were on their way so the remains of the group had to leave. With the Force on their side, Kharuugon and Delta Squad were able to board the Banshee without any harm and the group took off into the atmosphere. Up ahead they saw the Imperial Star Destroyer broadsiding with a Mon Cal Cruiser. Captain Nathal jumped on the communications and told the Cruiser that the mission was accomplished and then the stars began to stretch as Melor Keeg jumped to lightspeed and back towards Yavin IV.

Star destroyer vs mon cal cruiser


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