New Jedi Academy

Into the Dust

Chased through the emerald wastes and into an arena

Bryn Orris and Vis Borricon found themselves in the company of a lovely women working as a dancer at a bar. In her room they waited patiently meditating on the events and opening themselves to the force. Leeda was the contact that Soonturk had given them and she supplied the two apprentices with keys to a vehicle outside the bar that she took from one of the patrons. Going out the back way and supplied with some rations, the two force users made their way to the vehicles as Bryn attempted to use the force to figure out which vehicle the key went to. Finally down to two choices he took a gamble and came up lucky, opening the vehicle and taking off down the street only to be shortly followed by one of the others.

A chase through the wastes as Vis and Bryn tried to fend of the dust farmers without harming them. As the chase nearly ended in calamity at the edge of a cliff, and the vehicles came to a stop, a new threat appeared and in large numbers. A hunting party of Gand easily outnumbering both the farmers and the two padawans took them as prisoners for trespassing on their land. Bryn tried to plead with the Gand but to no avail. They were taken along with the vehicles on a trek to an underground Gand settlement where the chief said that they would have to prove they were not dark force users by contest with Gondra. Forced into a cave and given their lightsabers back, across the room a gate opened and out strode Gondra, a Kintan Strider. The battle was hard fought with the creature recovering quickly from the wounds but between Vis and Bryn they were able to defeat it.

With the creature defeated, they had proven their worth to the Gand and were accepted into the tribe as warriors. Once the Gand believed that Vis and Bryn were trying to stop the dark force users, they supplied them with rations, equipment, their vehicle back, and a guide to the base of operations. Now on the outskirts and alone once more, Vis and Bryn must act quickly and be alert to free Master Tell and find out what these dark force cultists are doing out on Sheevan 7.

Gondra scene


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