New Jedi Academy

Helping a friend

Finding another clue

As Dashell Rann and Zerrin were entering Master Fandomar’s office they could see other young Jedi padawans leaving on another assignment. They saw that Dak Ronoo a Jedi Knight was still standing in the office with Master Fandomar. Master Fandomar greeted them and quickly got to the point of why he summoned them. “A friend of Master Luke, Kalana Shafer, is having difficulty with an escaped animal. Their village, Kavina, is 50km north of here. I would like for you two to accompany Dak to assist in capturing this animal. I do not know any other details, but her message sounded quite urgent.” Dashell and Zarrin agreed to help and they promptly left with Dak on a shuttle.

Landing just outside the village they began making their way to the address given to them by Fandomar. Not noticing anything out of the ordinary they approached Kalana’s house. Knocking on the door they received no response. However, they could hear some loud noises coming from inside. Opening the door they discovered Kalana perched on top of a tall shelf surrounded by three stintarils with one of them looking quite large. As Kalana was having difficulty shooting them with her blaster, the Jedi Jumped into action and were able to defeat the stintarils without taking too much damage. Dak was sporting a rather large bite from his leg. After their brief battle Kalana served the Jedi some caf and explained to them that these creatures attack from time to time and normally she did not have difficulty with them. These stintarils seemed to be stronger and faster than normal, but they were not what she summoned them to help her with. . As she was about to explain what she needed assistance with there was a loud crash behind her as a giant claw reached through the window and pulled Kalana back through the gaping hole in the wall. The Jedi controlling their surprise at seeing a rancor, quickly sprang into action.

Dak used his battlestrike to quickly cause some serious damage to the rancor, but was not able to free Kalana from its grip. Zerrin was able to use the force to push the rancor back a step and although not very far it was enough for the rancor to release its grip on Kalana. Fortunately, Kalana was still alive although barely and conscious. As she was falling Dashell used the force to speed himself between Kalana and the rancor as a human shield. The rancor angry at this new foe, swiped at Dashell nearly killing him. Kalana, taking advantage of the situation ran as quickly as she could away to hide behind some trees. Dashell was able to get himself to safety and catch his breath as Dak used his lightsaber skills to slay the beast while Zerrin held it in place with the force. After defeating the rancor, the warriors found Kalana and helped her back into what was left of her home.

She explained to them that the rancor had escaped from some illegal slave traders who had a camp nearby. Knowing that they would be brought to justice if caught, they left the local villages to fend for themselves against the rancor. She thanked them for their help and said that the villagers would make sure to put the body of the rancor to good use. As the Jedi were about to leave they could sense a dark presence of the force emanating from the stintaril bodies. Remembering a similar encounter other Jedi had with these creatures recently, Zerrin used the force to discover where these creatures had come from.

Picking up the trail, the Jedi traveled through the jungle a short distance to an abandoned building. The Jedi cautiously entered the ruins. Turning a corner they came face to face with more stintarils and a small ancient droid hovering behind them. Although the Jedi had taken serious damage from their last encounter they leapt into action. After a long fought battle and Dashell nearly being knocked unconscious they emerged victorious. They brought the remains of the droid back to the temple.

Fandomar eagerly accepted the fallen droid and sent it with a young Jedi to be brought to the archives for the historians to examine. “This droid should help expedite their research in discovering their origins. We will let you know what we find.” The three weary Jedi then went off to find some bacta and meditate.


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