New Jedi Academy

Final Transmission of the Immovable

Final transmission of the Immovable, flagship of the Thirteenth Imperial Fleet

Admiral Galad’s voice: This is Admiral Galad of the Thirteenth Imperial Fleet, during our attempted negotiation with the New Republic. It seems we had traitors on board, numbering around twenty, who seem to be “Sith”, according to our Jedi guests, plotting to poison Senator Fairfield. Through their work, our Jedi delegates, William Rika, Goron Gorab, and Dylan Wyatt thankfully saved him from harm.

They’ve taken out the generator for the ship, and security reports that three of their men have holed up in there, managing to barricade themselves in, with the intent to jump start it after the bridge is taken. We are currently managing to hold the bridge, but it cannot last, not while their leader still lives, or his apprentice. We are nearly overwhelmed. I’ve ordered all crew not currently in combat to abandon ship, and I’m afraid that I have only one final choice: self-destruct the ship. My crew has been the finest, and I am glad to have served with them. My only hope is that we take some of the scum out. Admiral Galad, out.

Unknown voice, barely heard: Well sir, at least it’s not Ewoks…

Grim laughter follows for a brief moment before the transmission is cut

Report on the Attack on the Immovable, Praxeum Council

The three were sent to supervise the negotiations with the Thirteenth Imperial Fleet on breaking away from the Imperial Remnants and joining with the Republic. Two padawans (Rika and Gorob), and one master (Wyatt), were dispatched to meet Senator Fairfield in attending a diplomatic reading to verify that the Thirteenth Imperial Fleet (who were defeated in the Battle of Endor) was harboring no deception. Dylan Wyatt, on review, may not have been the finest choice, as he had lost family to the Imperials, but we trusted his impartiality. After a somewhat shaky take off, and a stylish landing by Rika, they were ushered to meet with the delegation. During this, Rika apparently noticed someone pouring a substance into the drinks. One startling fact is that this person seemed to be Markus Cain, a Padawan thought dead in a shuttle accident. After some interrogation, it looked as if this was simply a sedative, and the pair managed to usher the Senator out.

While waiting for the Senator to awaken, the pair stood guard outside of his chambers, when the generator was sabotaged, bathing the ship in darkness. Then a team of Sith apprentices (we assume) attacked, led by Markus Cain. The pair managed to dispatch the Sith, and after conversing with the Senator (an old special operative of the Rebellion), tried to make their escape. There, they made contact with Master Dylan, and nearly managed to escape when the Sith Master appeared. Master Dylan fought valiantly to protect his charges, but he was slain in the battle, and both Goron and Rika were nearly killed, until Goron called upon the Force to escape the Sith’s attack, and the three managed to flee, though it was reported that the Master was dragging off Master Dylan’s body, leaving one word of warning:

“Run back to your Jedi masters, and tell them that we are coming.”


AKBanse kaisel

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