New Jedi Academy

Emminent Threat

The Jedi strain revealed

With the recent events pulling Jedi Knights and Masters away to deal with issues around the galaxy, a researcher of the Praxeum called upon nearly a third of the advanced class for help. With recent attacks by the mutated Sintaril’s and the strange droids following them more information was needed. The Jedi Archivist gathered Bryn Orris, Dashell Rann, Vis Borricon, Zenset, and Kal-Do, asking them to go in search of information. The Archivist knew that a Wookie mechanic by the name of Worfel lived in the village of Kaveena and had been there a long time and might know more. With the directions, the students left immediately to find Worfel.

Upon arriving on the outskirts of Kaveena near Worfel’s shop, the students noticed a couple Gamorreans and what looked to be bounty hunters lead by a Hutt pulling out an unconscious Wookie. Dashell spoke the language of the Hutt and began questioning him on why he was abducting Worfel. It seems the Hutt believed that Worfel had cheated him on a repair job and now the Hutt was either going to take Worfel as punishment or the students would have to pay an enormous sum. The students leaped into action to defend the Wookie and pushed forward into the thugs with lightsabers and blasters firing. The Hutt slowly began to escape, leaving his henchmen to their own fate as the students quickly disabled the Gamorreans and as they knocked out the final bounty hunter they saw the grenade in his hand. The students dove for cover as the grenade went off killing the unconscious thugs. As a couple of the students went to tend to Worfel, the others were about to stop the Hutt when he was immediately picked up by a small personal transport and taken away.

The students brought Worfel into his shop and laid him down, applying a medpac to heal him as Dashell repaired a protocol droid which had been nearly destroyed. As the droid translated for Worfel, the students found out that there had been some strange activity at an old Massassi ruin to the South. Getting what information they could, the students left for the ruin immediately.

Landing near the ruin, a couple of the students saw an old Jedi who was thought to be dead named Dorsk 81. Asking what he was doing there, he told them that he was saved by the cult of Ragnos and that the Jedi had left him for dead. He gave the students the opportunity to join the dark side where the power of the force was truly known, but as they refused he ordered their deaths. More of the mutated Sintarils along with there droid partners attacked along with a couple cultists as Dorsk 81 held back. Knowing that they were going to be overmatched, Dashell (I think) ordered the retreat as the rest of the students moved forward to hold the line. The advanced students showed their prowess against the minions of Dorsk 81 but could barely penetrate his defenses. Even while fleeing, Dorks 81 mind tricked Brynn to shoot Vis as he drove. The students returned to the academy as fast as possible to relay the information, that the Cult of Ragnos was on Yavin and that all were in danger…

Ragnos revealed


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