New Jedi Academy

Disturbance of Denton

When a town goes silent, who will give the call for help?

DATE: 9-16 13 ABY

The planet and daily life of Yavin IV has been put into chaos with the mysterious army arsing from the planet itself to create havoc all around. With many Jedi Masters and Knights away on a false search for the enemy that hid itself in front of their eyes, it has fallen to the more experienced Padawans to take up slack and help take back Yavin.

Master Verock called forth a number of the Advanced Class students to help out with a mission. Communications from the town of Denton from Republic soldiers had gone silent and with almost all other resources tied up with engaging the bulk of the enemy forces on planet, it was up to Dashell Rann, Goron Gorrob, Zerrin, Kal-Do, Zes-Set, and one other classmate.

Using a transport shuttle, the classmates took flight towards Denton which was a few hours away from the academy. Nearing the town the crew could see the destruction that was wrought upon town and the communication outpost from the initial attack by the dark force army.

Talking with the townsfolk, all of whom seemed not to want to say anything and kept themselves closed up in their houses, they Padawans found out that the sheriff’s men were actually enemies in disguise. Evil had come to the town and taken some of the youth away towards the mines. The Padawans confronted the soldiers that were in the sheriff’s office and a firefight broke out in the vicinity.

As some mercenaries were trying to get away, the party split up, two took a speeder in pursuit of fleeing enemies while the rest piled into the transport again to lift off towards the mines. A harrowing speeder run crashed through the forest along the mine road with Dashell Rann and his classmate barely making it out alive. Meeting up outside the entrance to the mines, the Padawns “borrowed” a large mining dump truck with two up front and everyone else hidden in the empty cargo area. As they crashed their way into the mine in the large vehicle, it was too strong for any of the mercenaries to stop and with expert piloting the Padawans made it to the end of the proper mine.

Mining truck

Fighting their way through natural mine sized tunnels, the Padawans came into a cavern where a Sith was standing over a crystal that was partially mined out of the ground. The crystal pulsed with red light and a number of townsfolk were chained to the walls around the cavern. The fight that ensued was one of the toughest the Padawans had ever faced, especially with the knowledge that failure meant death. Barely pulling through, Zerrin grabbed the stone which tried to immediately corrupt him but zerrin’s willpower was stronger and he smashed the crystal and the dark forces it represented.


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