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Disruptive Diversion

What would you do to stay on a mission?

August 01, 2012 21:02

DATE: 5-02 15 ABY
PLANET: Unknown

A call for help on a planet in the Unknown Regions sees a dispatch of Jedi that have known each other for since their training on Yavin IV. Bryn Orris, Goron Gorrob, and Vis Borricon found themselves trapped on a planet after issues with their shuttle heading to the Unknown Regions. The population of the nearest town the Jedi found seemed to ignore them and no one would lend a ship to get off the planet and on to their mission.

The party was approached by a droid designated TT-4 who worked for Tor-Ro-Bo Corporation. Bryn had heard of this Corporation before because of his time in the planetary defense militia and the small time smuggling the Corporation was known for on the side of their legit business. TT-4 proposed that the Jedi travel the planet 244-Core to retrieve mined ore. A meteor shower was approaching the planet and most of the workers and personal should have evacuated so that the ore could be retrieved. TT-4 answered questions about this job, revealing that the mining operation from which the ore should be retrieved was being run by Eeook, which was a mining corporation being backed by the remnants of the Empire.

The Jedi needed to get off the planet they were currently on and so, agreed to take on the mission to get a flight deeper into the Unknown Regions. TT-4 told the party to go to Hanger 13, Bay 4 were the transport ship was with the droid pilot 5T-4 and to have good luck with the Skyscan Network that watched over 244-Core. Walking into the docking bay, the Jedi found that their transport was a clunker used for moving just what they were looking to grab, ore. It had no weapons but seemed to be sturdy in case they came under fire. The droid pilot seemed more than capable to handle routine flying but Bryn deemed it not good enough to handle any issue delicate maneuvers that may be needed.

Reaching 244-Core went fast and Skyscan Network became revealed as a combination of small manned space stations and large satellites that kept records of the traffic and operations on the planet. Coming in hot, Byrn began to take evasive maneuvers with 5T-4 on the scanners, trying to avoid Eeook owned scanners. Almost getting scanned once, the ship broke atmosphere and 5T-4 directed the ship to Processing Center 879 – Landing Platform 9. Setting down, it was immediately clear that time was limited as alarms were sounding from the approach of the meteor shower.

The Jedi spread out looking for the ore and ways to get it on to the ship as fast as possible. 5T-4 helped reprogram two large droids to start moving ore while Vis and Goron looked found a forklift to help get the process moving faster. Bryn started hacking into the docks computer, retrieving shipping records that would be useful to the Republic later. Alarms kept blaring and a loud crash was heard from out by the ship. Vis and Goron made it to the ship first to find that one of the large droids had broken down on the ramp with a giant ore crate blocking the entrance into the ship. As they were trying to figure out what to do with the droid the alarms blurted out their presence and missiles started streaking in towards the landing pad.

Using defense laser batteries, all but one of the missiles were shot down and the second large droid was destroyed in the process. After the missile hit, a troop transport ship came around the corner coming in low. Vis and Goron were able to damage it and watch it crash on the landing pad, spilling out 4 soldiers who made the fight personal. Bryn helped driving one of the last large crates to the ship before joining in the fray, but the soldiers simply could not handle the mastery of Jedi Knights and were easily dispatched. With the ore loaded and 5T-4 retrieved, the Jedi had only a couple minutes to get off the planet before the meteor shower started hitting. More ships were on the way to intercept the Jedi so Bryn took the ship up into atmosphere, right into the oncoming rocks. Dodging and weaving and only hitting a few meteors, Bryn made it out of the Skyscan Network and meteor shower to make a jump to their rendezvous point and to the pick up their actual mission.


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