New Jedi Academy

A Simple Task Unsimplified

An easy trip turns out to be more than the padawans bargained for

" Melor-Keeg, come in. I repeat Melor-Keeg, come in"

Only static responded over the comlink as Bryn Orris looked out at the green dust storm blowing about the planet of Sheevan 7. He and Vis had only been on planet for a few hours and already Master Darven Tell had been abducted, they had been assaulted by a ruthless Wookie and now they barely survived being attacked by two cultists wielding lightsabers. They had been tracking Master Tell and were currently in the small town of Hara Kibar. Tell had been moved again and from intimidating the surviving cultist they knew Master Tell had been moved to Hara Habrak.

Bryn thought for a moment, he knew they needed to rest and heal but also must move fast to get to Master Tell in time. A Cerean bounty hunter by the name of Sune Turkhad helped them out and the next step was to go across the street and see what a dancer named Leeda had to stay. But for now, to buy a little time and hope that eventually they could get the jump on the captors Bryn called out over his comlink with a smooth lie, “Master Darven Tell, this is Bryn. We have found out that you are in Hara Kibar and will be there in about one day.”

Sheeven dust storm


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